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News and Details of activities are published in the Newsletter three times a year.

Listing of all Events
[Other Organisation] 10th October 2015 - FOCAS Annual Members Day, Carlisle ...More

[Other Organisation] 11th October 2015 - Lake District NPA Archaeology Conference ...More

[Penrith] 12th October 2015 - Mike Wynn, The Ancient Woodlands of Cumbria ...More

[Other Organisation] 17th October 2015 - CIHS Autumn Conference, Egremont ...More

[South West] 17th October 2015 - The Men who Built Carlisle Cathedral ...More

[Carlisle] 19th October 2015 - Contrasting Memories:Remembering Waterloo ...More

[Other Organisation] 22nd October 2015 - Josefina de Vasconcellos 1904-2005 ...More

[Kendal] 2nd November 2015 - Ivan Day: Dining in the Great Houses of Cumbria ...More

[Penrith] 9th November 2015 - Jane Platt, It's not what you think ... ...More

[Other Organisation] 13th November 2015 - Kendal's Doctors in the Great War - Bryan Rhode ...More

[Society] 14th November 2015 - Magna Carta a Special Lecture ...More

[South West] 21st November 2015 - How Farming came to Cumbria – in Prehistory ...More

[Kendal] 7th December 2015 - The Castle Dairy:New Insights ...More

[Kendal] 4th January 2016 - Recent archaeological work at Roman Papcastle ...More

[South West] 16th January 2016 - Germans and Austrians in Cumbria during WW I ...More

[Kendal] 1st February 2016 - "Investigating, describing and preserving": 150 years of the ...More

[South West] 20th February 2016 - Roman Surveyors in Cumberland ...More

[Kendal] 7th March 2016 - Holme Cultram: A Border Abbey and its Turbulent History ...More

[South West] 19th March 2016 - The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion ...More

[Kendal] 4th April 2016 - Appleby Fair, Myth and Reality ...More

[Society] 9th April 2016 - CWAAS AGM, Senhouse Museum, Maryport ...More

[150 Years] 30th April 2016 - Excursion to Newlands Furness ...More

[Kendal] 6th June 2016 - Summer Excursion, Holme Mills Settlement. ...More

[Kendal] 4th July 2016 - Summer Excursion, Yealand Conyers ...More

[150 Years] 23rd July 2016 - Excursion to the Penrith Area ...More

[Kendal] 8th August 2016 - Summer Excursion, Backstage at the Museum ...More

[150 Years] 9th September 2016 - Anniversary Dinner ...More

[150 Years] 10th September 2016 - Anniversary Conference at Rheged ...More