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30th June 2017 - Summer Evening - Muncaster Castle ...More

30th June 2017 - [Tullie House] A Roman Cavalry Display ...More

8th July 2017 - Guided walk round Patterdale ...More

16th September 2017 - Leading a Good Guided Tour ...More

30th September 2017 - Urban Walk, Appleby ...More

2nd October 2017 - Gleaston Castle and the Medieval Manor of Muchland ...More

7th October 2017 - Plague, Reformation and Resistance in Tudor Penrith ...More

8th October 2017 - Learning to Record Oral History ...More

14th October 2017 - Industrial Archaeology Walk, Coniston Copper Mines ...More

6th November 2017 - Dorothy Charlesworth Archaeological Lecture, Kendal ...More

6th November 2017 - Hadrian's Wall (The Dorothy Charlesworth Lecture) ...More

18th November 2017 - Effective Displays and Exhibitions ...More