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24th March 2018 - ROMAN ARMY SCHOOL 2018



The Hadrianic Society’s Roman Army School is a residential course which will take place at St Chad’s College in Durham between Saturday 24th & Tuesday 27th March 2018. This year the theme will be Military Personnel.

This year, the focus will be on Military Commanders and other officers of the army.

The School will include an optional visit to Carvoran, Chesters and Corbridge to look at barrack blocks and officers’ houses.

The speakers will include Dr Adrian Goldsworthy on Roman Generals, Dr Jon Coulston of St Andrew’s University on officers and soldiers on Trajan’s Column, Graham Sumner on officers’ clothing, Richard Bridgland on naval officers, Jonathan Eaton on centurions, Professor David Breeze on equestrian officers and officers below the centurionate, Dr Rob Collins on officers of the late empire. Mark Corby will offer a retrospective view of Roman officers based on his own military service which will lead into a final discussion.

Further information and booking forms are available on our website www.hadrianicsociety.com, from Hadrianic.society@virginmedia.com or from Helen Gawthrop, 3 St Albans Mews, Nottingham NG6 9JH.

For the flyer Click Here


This item was published on 15th November 2017

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