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Enclosure Award 1775 - Barony of Greystock

Enclosure Award 1775 - For Great and Little Stainton, Newbiggin and Blencow, Barony of Greystock


Some time ago a past parish clerk of Dacre took on the task of transcribing the Great and Little Stainton, Newbiggin and Blencow areas of the Barony of Greystock Enclosure Award of 1775.

This was the subject of an article in the 1995 edition of Transactions by ROBERT S. DILLEY M.A., M.LITT., PH.D and to quote from it :

"A few awards — especially more recent copies — lack maps and are therefore hard to locate on the ground. Some have suffered from fading, rubbing or other damage and are in places difficult to read. The Award for Stainton, Newbiggin and Blencow is complete (it has both a narrative description of allotments and separate tables); it has good maps and has suffered little damage. Yet on closer inspection it defies rational interpretation. Nothing seems to fit. It is as if the Enclosure Commissioners ('Thomas James of Penrith in the County of Cumberland Gentleman Isaac Hobson of Grassgarth in the Parish of Sebergham in the said County Gentleman and Joseph Hodgson of Penrith aforesaid Ironmonger') deliberately set about creating a puzzle for future generations."

Although this article contains a lot of useful information, it does not have a transcript of the original list of individual allotments. This original transcript was recently made available to the society by the current Chair of Dacre Parish Council, Dr Alan Rich, a long standing member of CWAAS.

It was possible to digitise and character recognise the document and this is now available on this site for download. Click Here

The original maps, tracings of the maps, index and schedule of this document have been copied thanks to a grant from the Society, Click Here to download the file, please note this is a large 30MB file which may take some time to download.

This transcript should of course be read in conjunction with the original article in Transactions which can be downloaded from here



This item was published on 28th January 2017

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