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Three issues per year - one of the benefits of CWAAS membership.

The Spring issue of each year arrives as part of a bumper bundle, including leaflets for new books, the AGM papers and flyers for the forthcoming year's activities - usually very early in March.

July 1st brings the publication date for the Summer issue, - or rather, as close to July 1st as the publication of Transactions allows. Both of these regular Society publications are sent in the same mailing for the sake of thrift - very important in these days of economic vigilance - and members like to know their subscriptions are being well-husbanded!. The final Autumn issue appears on November 1st

Lists of select topics, covering issues 1 to 71, compiled by James Cherry and Margaret Edwards are available, please scroll down to the bottom of this page to download these.

Newsletter 83 Autumn 2016


  • Cover story. 150th Anniversary Dinner, Roundthorn Hotel, Penrith, September 2016
  • Victoria County History of Cumbria, project update
  • Rose Castle - saved
  • Unearthing the history of the Wetheral Cave Graffiti
  • The 200th Anniversary of the Kendal Quaker Meeting House
  • The Kendal Yards Project
  • Castle Dairy: Post Flood Recovery
  • The Sarah Losh Heritage Centre
  • Carlisle and the Borders - the Regional Furniture Society's Conference in Carlisle
  • Bracken Clearing on Birkrigg Common
  • The Hadrian's Wall Trail
  • A Proposed edited edition of Thomas Machell's History of the Barony of Westmorland
  • Record Care - revealing the archives of CWAAS and its members

CWAAS 150th Anniversary Event reports

  • 150th Anniversary Conference, Rheged, September 2016
  • Penrith Urban Walk, July 2016
  • Low Borrowbridge Fort & Vicus, August 2016
  • CWAAS150 Exhibition at Senhouse Roman Museum
  • CWAAS150 Exhibition at Penrith Museum
  • CWASS150 Exhibition at Carlisle Library
  • Jamie Barnes & Becky Moreton helping to make the anniversary year happen
  • CWAAS stall at Westmorland County Show, September 2016
  • CWAAS150 Exhibition at John Ruskin Museum, Coniston

Archaeological Reports

  • Enigmatic Circles, Lunesdale Archaeology Society
  • A recent Coin Find of David I
  • Archaeology at Carlisle Cathedral
  • Carlisle Fratry Glass
  • Kirkbride Roman Site - new Lidar evidence
  • Bay Archaeology Festival: Rediscovering the Bay's Old Ways
  • Duddon Valley Local History Group Longhouse Project
  • Middleton Milestone moved
  • FLO. A note on recent finds from the Cockermouth area
  • Low Borrowbridge Roman site excavations
  • Mapping the military - archaeological recording on Walney Island


  • Green Victorians: The Simple Life in John Ruskin's Lake District, V Albritton & FA Jonsson
  • Hadrian's Wall - paintings by the Richardson Family, David J Breeze
  • The Loneliest House in England: Skiddaw House 1830-2015, John Martin
  • Patterns in Stonework, JF Potter
  • Wilkinson & Sons of Kendal, Organ Builders: A History, Alan Mason
  • Mini Obituaries

    • Professor Philip Edwards (1923-2015)
    • Professor Vin Davis (1942-2015)

    Plus details of events for the months November 2016 to early March 2017 for: CWAAS, the four affiliated groups & Regional Heritage Centre.

    Lists of selected topics.

    A list of select topics, covering issues 1 to 27, compiled by Margaret Edwards is available. Please Click Here to view this list.

    A list of select topics, covering issues 28 to 62, compiled by James Cherry and Margaret Edwards is available. Please Click Here to view this list.

    A list of select topics, covering issues 63 to 71, compiled by Margaret Edwards is available. Please Click Here to view this list.

    Projects set up and developed in Recent years.

    This new panel on our HOME PAGE focuses on articles culled from our Newsletters. Currently available is a range of material relating to a project set up by CWAAS in 2007.

    That year, three projects in total were introduced.