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Cumbria Research Topics

It is known that within the last ten years research has been carried out under the auspices of the universities indicated on the topics below.

Some topics are still currently being researched. These are indicated by *

Attempts are made to keep this list up to date. If you know of additions which should be made please contact the Webmaster via the contacts page.


Lancaster University (History Dept or Centre for NW Regional Studies)

Chronology of the early Roman conquest and occupation of North West England and evidence of Roman coin finds.*

A data base of surviving Cumbrian charters, 1100-1300.*

Thomas Denton's "Description of Cumberland" 1687-8. (Publ. as CWAAS book)

Arts and Crafts movement in the Lake District in the late 19th century.

Coastal and international trade from West Cumberland in the 18th century.*

Churchyard memorials and churchyard inscriptions. 1750-185D.

Catholic recusants in Cumbria. 1559-1778.

Management of Common land in Cumbria since 1800.

Gunpowder industry of southern Cumbria.

Religion in northern English market towns.*

Landscape History of the uplands 17th - 19th century.*

History of the Co-operative movement in Cumbria.*

Representation of Lake District landscape in diaries and journals.

Tourism in Copeland and South Lakeland.*

Early Iron Smelting Sites.*

John Denton's History of Cumberland (Volume now published).

Common land management since 16th century: case studies include Eskdale.*

Relating land use change to environmental change, Loweswater.*

Workington Dock.

Embarkation ports for the States in the 18th century.

Common Rights and Public Resources in the North West, before and after enclosure.*

Early libraries in Cumbria.

Mobility of Cumbrian papermaking families.

Limekilns and brickworks in North Cumbria.

North Pennines Coal Mining.

Clay drainage tile and pipe manufacture.

Medieval and Elizabethan mining at Caldbeck.*

Ethnic identity in Viking Age Cumbria.*

Cumbrian Folk Song.*

Cumbrian estates of Marshall family of Leeds.*

Parish identities in eastern Cumbria.*

Land tenure and landscape character, northern Cumbria.*

Typology of drystone walls in landscape history.

Images of Wordsworth used as tourist attraction.

Impact of afforestation, 1919 - 2001.

Mrs Heelis's farms.

Impact of modern technology on artistic impressions of the Lake District.

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University of WARWICK (Centre for Caribbean Studies)

Family, networks, and migration: a study of links between Cumberland and the Caribbean from the mid-seventeenth to the early-nineteenth centuries. 2007


Mapping the Late Medieval and Post Medieval Landscape of Cumbria (Completion due 2012)

University of Glasgow

Matterdale Archaeological Project: Field survey, excavation and environmental analysis in the Matterdale and Hutton Parishes.* Contacts: Dr. Helen L. Loney and Dr. Andrew W. Hoaen. Tel 01387 702017

University of Cambridge

Northumbria, Cumbria, and the Gaelic-speaking world c.650-1050* Contact: Dept of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic

University of Central Lancashire

Health care in Barrow during WW1

Toronto University

Tenth century stone sculpture of Cumbria (doctoral thesis in preparation);