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The Newsletter

News and Details of activities are published in the Newsletter three times a year.

Listing of all Events
[Carlisle] 23rd February 2018 - 17th century Time Capsule ...More

[Other Organisation] 28th February 2018 - Woodland Archaeology Presentation Eve ...More

[Other Organisation] 3rd March 2018 - [RHC] 45th Annual Archaeology Forum ...More

[Kendal] 5th March 2018 - Worlds in Transformation : Celtic Art & Roman Conques ...More

[Society] 5th March 2018 - Rusland Horizons Woodland Archaeology Surveys ...More

[Other Organisation] 8th March 2018 - [Appleby] Headlands to Headspace – More ...More

[Other Organisation] 8th March 2018 - [LDFLHS] The Great War – Ambleside's St ...More

[Other Organisation] 12th March 2018 - [LAS] Romano-British local supply to the ...More

[Penrith] 12th March 2018 - The Oral History of Cumbria ...More

[Carlisle] 16th March 2018 - The Galloway Viking hoard ...More

[South West] 17th March 2018 - The Early Maps of Cumbria ...More

[Other Organisation] 24th March 2018 - ROMAN ARMY SCHOOL 2018 ...More

[Society] 7th April 2018 - CWAAS AGM ...More

[Kendal] 9th April 2018 - AGM and Guarding the Pass: Low Borrowbridge ...More

[Other Organisation] 12th April 2018 - [Appleby] Late Iron Age at Stanwick, Nor ...More

[Other Organisation] 14th April 2018 - [YDNPA] Dales Archaeology Day ...More

[Carlisle] 20th April 2018 - The Penrith workhouses and Their Connections ...More

[Other Organisation] 28th April 2018 - [Senhouse] The Lived Experience of Women ...More

[Society] 28th April 2018 - [RHC] Cymry in the North ...More

[Other Organisation] 30th April 2018 - Collingwood Archive Celebratory Conferen ...More

[Other Organisation] 30th April 2018 - Collingwood Archive Celebratory Conferen ...More

[Other Organisation] 10th May 2018 - [LDFLHS] The Remarkable Literary History o ...More

[Other Organisation] 23rd May 2018 - [LDFLHS] A visit to Mirehouse ...More

[Other Organisation] 14th June 2018 - [LDFLHS] Stone Circles of Cumbria and AGM ...More

[Other Organisation] 12th July 2018 - [LDFLHS] William Brownrigg MD FRCS ...More

[Other Organisation] 13th September 2018 - [LDFLHS] Lowther Estates ...More