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1st November 2017 - Bogs & Peatlands of Cumbria

History & Heritage of the Bogs & Peatlands of Cumbria


To be held 1st -2nd November 2017

Burgh-by-Sands Parish Hall, Armsmead House, Carlisle, Cumbria

This event explores the fascinating but under-appreciated history and cultural aspects of peat bogs  in and around Cumbria and the surrounding areas. It will involve and engage local people as well  as professionals, and there will be a published volume from the event. The meeting will suit all those interested in peat bogs, peat landscapes, and their history, heritage and restoration.

​Cost: £15/day
Day 1 – indoor lectures; Day 2 – field visit followed by indoor session to discuss and round-up
Themes and topics include:

•The history of peat bogs and peatlands 
•The history of peat harvesting and usage 
•The oral history and memories 
•The heritage of peat cutting – tools, equipment, buildings, etc 
•The historic records 
•The archaeology of peat-cut sites 
•The conservation of peat cutting heritage 
•And more! 

Day 1
Registration from 09.30 a.m.
​Programme 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

•Ian Rotherham – History and heritage in the bog – examples from Cumbria and the surrounding areas
•Andre Berry  - An introduction to hand peat cutting tools and techniques and the landscapes they created
•David Harpley - A History of Foulshaw Moss
•Chris Spencer - Solway Wetlands Partnership
•Richard Lindsay- Land-use change on Cumbria raised bogs from 1840 to the present and the changing understanding of raised bogs and conservation
•Keeley Spate (Natural England) – setting the scene with the current restoring projects
•Bill Shannon – A history of peat exploitation at Angerton Moss from the sixteenth-century dispute maps to the twentieth–century moss litter works

Day 2
Registration from 09.30 a.m.

•Ann Lingard - Solway Wetlands Partnership. Crossing thew Moos: The Railway Across Bowness Moss

•Field Trip to Bowness Moss & RSPB Campfield Reserve 11.45 a.m. =- 3.30 p.m.

Offers of papers or posters still welcome – contact Ian Rotherham on i.d.rotherham@shu.ac.uk 

For more information and booking visit www.ukeconet.org


This item was published on 29th September 2017

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