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Research Projects

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Grant Awards

The Research and Grants Committee considers the applications for funding 3-4 times each year.The grants made have ranged from £75 to £3,000. For Committee details please click this button:

An application form for a research grant can be downloaded. Please click the button below.


To send an email to the Research and Grants Committee Secretary

Clare Fell Bursary

The Clare Fell Bursary Fund is available for young people up to the age of 25 years. This Bursary is administered separately. Please click on the button below for further details of this research opportunity and to obtain an application form.

Cumbria Research

You can access the current list of Cumbria topics researched in recent years at named universities by clicking the button below.

Grants for Schools - 2013 Awards.

Applications must be received by 1st March 2013, and awards will then be made prior to the start of the summer term, with outputs expected no later than October 2013.
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An on line application can be made by e-mailing the Society Membership Secretary Bill Shannon. Use the following button to initiate a message.

You must provide at least the following

  • Name & address of the school
  • Contact details of the applicant
  • What the project entails
  • What the output will be
  • How it relates to the curriculum
  • Category (up to 11, 11-18)
  • Number of pupils participating
  • Expected benefits to those pupils
  • Timings for the project
  • Total costings
  • How much is being applied for (normally £100-200)
  • Anything else they think relevant to our decision.

Applications should be no longer than a single sheet of A4

Grants and Bursaries

The CWAAS is a Registered Charity committed to undertaking several roles within the county and beyond. One of these roles is to foster historical and archaeological research of a high standard. This is done in a number of ways:

  • taking every opportunity to encourage people to pursue research;
  • reporting on the work of the appropriate Committees, making public the projects which they have determined to support financially;
  • publishing in the Newsletter interim notes and reports on research undertaken;
  • presenting on the website topics of projects which have attracted grant aid in recent times;
  • making known topics of recent Cumbrian historical and archaeological research carried out at named universities;
  • providing a forum for the oral presentation of reports of research projects;
  • providing full publication of academic studies relating to Cumbria's history and archaeology in its Transactions;
  • acting as a major and well-reputed book publisher.

1. The Research and Grants Committee is charged with the responsibility for considering applications for grant aid for research projects. See side panel for details of the Committee.

2. A separate Committee deals with evaluating applications for the Clare Fell Bursary Fund, which is available to young people aged up to 25 years. See side panel for details of the Clare Fell Bursary Fund.

Recently supported research projects have included:

  • Dendro-dating of timbers from the Cowp Scar fish traps
  • A survey of the Solway salt pans
  • A historic building survey of No. 1, Castlegate, Cockermouth
  • A survey of public sculptures of Cumbria
  • A geophysical survey and excavation at Brackenber Moor
  • Completion of the report on excavations, Burgh-by-Sands
  • A fieldwalking project in the Eden Valley
  • Research into the Bewcastle Cross
  • The Clay Buildings of the Solway Plain

In March, 2009, grants were awarded to support the following projects:

  • Dendro-dating of timbers in the Tithe Barn adjacent to St Cuthbert's Church, Carlisle
  • A study of the effect of unemployment on the population of West Cumberland
  • An exploration of the writings of Jocelin of Furness