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Using Transactions on line.

Members have access to all issues of Transactions on line, however you need to be logged in to be able to view them.

The process to obtain a password is quite simple and automated, provided we already have your email address in our database. We only have about half of our members e-mail addresses so would encourage you to let us know your e-mail address so that you can get full access to the website.

If we do not have your e-mail address there are two ways in which you can get it added.

  1. Go to the main website at www.cumbriapast.com and at the top left of the main page there is a yellow box titled E MAIL LIST, click on the READ MORE button. Now fill out the JOIN THE E_MAIL LIST form ticking all items you wish to subscribe to (you do not need to tick any items just to be put in the list but we recommend leaving at least leaving the Membership List box checked, this is only used for occasional emails of importance to members.) and click the button at the bottom to submit your request.
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    At this point, although you are on the list, you will still not be able to log in to the members area as the secretary has to check you are a member and approve your submission, please allow time for this, you will be e-mailed confirmation when your entry is approved.
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Once you are on the list you can obtain your password. The process is a few simple steps :

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  4. This will return to a page where you must now choose your own password, this can be anything that you wish to use. Completing and submitting this page will take you to a final confirmation page with a link to log in.
  5. Click on the log in link to continue to use the website.

The membership system uses a cookie to keep you logged in. Unless you specifically log out using the log out button in the menu bar, you will remain logged in for the current membership year. Even if you close your browser and return later you will still be logged in.

If you wish to log out, for example if you use a shared or public computer, then you can do so by clicking the log out button in the main menu bar. You would then need to log in again next time you use the website using your user name and your personal password.

At present logging in as a member only gives you access to the Transactions on line. If you click on the Transactions menu item you will be able to use the contents database. Next to each article you will find a button, which when clicked will take you to that article.

If you only see an Abstract button rather than the PDF button, or no button at all, then you are not logged in. If you are logged in then below the menu bar in the same area as the date you will see in bold letters LOGGED IN AS A MEMBER.

During the initial stages only members have access to the on line Transactions. Those articles up to 2006 are held on the Archaeological Data Services system at York University. From 2007 onwards, in future this will be the most recent 10 years volumes, are held on our own system and will only ever be available free of charge to members. Until ADS come on line we are also providing the years back to 2000 on our own server so members have access from 2000 to 2014.

The searchable index is now linked in to the contents and from there to the articles. You can search the index and next to each found item there will be three buttons, the first Correct button is to enable you to submit corrections to the index, the next Index button will give you a PDF copy of the index used to create the searchable index and the Contents button will link you to the relevant contents database entry for that item.

If the button is titled PDF/ADS then the article will be retrieved from the external ADS website.

From the contents database listing you are able to download the relevant article in PDF format. Simply click on the PDF button to download the article. These buttons are colour coded with a coloured bar, a green bar indicates they are small files and will download in less than one minute on most DSL links, a yellow bar indicates a medium sized file that should download in less than 5 minutes and a red bar indicates a large file that could take longer than 5 minutes. These times are for typical DSL links, if you have high speed fibre access or are using a corporate network then times should be significantly shorter.

Please bear in mind that many of the articles are large files, especially those articles with a lot of images. This means a long download time, for example there are some articles over 500MB and these files could take 30 minutes or longer to download. If your connection is much faster or slower than average the time to download will alter accordingly.