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Membership Mailing List.

You must submit your details below to be able to use the Transactions Online, you do not need to select any list to have your e-mail added to the database, however it is recommended that you select at least the Membership List so you can be contacted. Your application will need to be approved so please allow time for this, normally this will be within 48 hours.

A general membership mailing list has been set up to enable us to contact members with items of interest.

You can join this list by filling in the details below, in addition to providing your basic details of email address and full name, you can choose what you will receive via email.

There are the following options :

  • Membership list. This is the basic list that will be used to disseminate membership information, it may be used for certain events and for membership reminders and for notices from the society.
  • Website article notices. This will be used to advise about the addition of any news item or activities item as it is published on the website. Mails will usually be sent out within 24 hours of the items being put on line.
  • Forthcoming Events. This will be a weekly email listing all the events due to happen over the next three weeks.

To subscribe to any of the lists, please complete the details in the panel below, making sure you tick the appropriate boxes for the information you want, then click on the submit button. If you already subscribe to some lists then just complete the form selecting what you now wish to receive and your old details will be totally removed and replaced with your new details as selected, your email must be the same though.

If you need to change your email address you must first remove the old address and then subscribe again using the new address.

Please be assured that your details are never divulged to any outside party and will only be used by the Society for the purposes designated.

Any email sent will contain details of how you can remove your details from the mailing list. For security reasons this has to be done from the registered email address.

Join the E-Mail List

If you are new just enter all details and submit the form. If you are already subscribed and wish to change details just put in the new details below, ensuring your email address is the one used for the original subscription and submit the form to change the details. In all cases you will be emailed to validate your address before any change is completed.

In submitting this form you agree to your details being held in an electronic database for use by the society.

Please note that just ticking the E Mail Transactions box will not stop the printed copy, if you do not want the printed copy in addition to the E Mail copy please ensure you tick the Cancel Printed Transactions box.

Please Provide Details

Important : If making changes be sure to tick all the boxes you require as your revised submission will totally replace your previous choices.

   [Tick to receive the Main List Membership Messages]

   [Tick to receive e-mails when website articles are published]

   [ Tick to receive the weekly e-mail of forthcoming events ]

   [ Tick to receive the Transactions via E Mail ]

   [ Tick to receive the Newsletter by E Mail ]

   [ Tick to cancel Printed Transactions and Newsletters ]

   [Tick to be totally removed from all lists.]

Please enter the six letters shown below and click the button below to join the list.

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