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Guide to digitised

The guide booklet that was issued at the AGM and included with the Summer Newsletter is available for download. Just click on the READ MORE button below to obtain it.


Transactions articles over 10 years old are held with ADS (University of York). Links are provided from the Index Search facility on this site to the relevant articles, however if you wish you can access the ADS site directly. Just click on the READ MORE button below to go there.


An electronic downloadable version of the current year Transactions is available to all members. Please click on the button below for further information.

Instructions for

Contributions to Transactions are always welcome and a guideline for those wishing to contribute to Transactions is available by clicking the link below. Please note this is a download, depending on your computer set up this may appear separately on your desktop, appear in a new tab on your browser or even be placed as a file in your download folder. You will need Adobe PDF reader or an alternative reader to be able to view this file.

Copies of

Copies of Transactions are held by a number of universities, click on the 'READ MORE' button below to see the current list of those holding copies.


We have been able to make available a transcript of the Enclosure Awards 1775 for the Great and Little Stainton, Newbiggin and Blencow areas of the Barony of Greystock.

Please follow the Read More button below for further information and links to the transcript and orignal 1995 Transactions article.


Details of Quaker Wills from Volume XXIX have been extracted. Click below to read more.


Transactions are the society's annual publication. Each volume contains a diversity of articles.
You can select the contents page of any year by selecting it from the drop down list below.
You can also search and read the on line Transactions by using the search panel below.

If you are a member of the society but not yet in our database you can add your details by Clicking Here.


Important note for users of advert blocking software, because this site uses DOI links to reach documents, which can look like advertising links to some blocking software, you may find that the button links to articles do not appear in your browser. This site does not carry advertising links and you should disable any such software when visiting this site for optimum performance.

This is the Transactions Index where you are able to search the contents of the transactions. There are three different ways of searching the Transactions from 1866 to 2016

TITLE AND AUTHORS ONLY. This contains only the Title of each article and the Authors name. This database was constructed as part of the exercise of putting the Transactions on line. This is the quickest way to search for an article if you know the title, year of publication or the Authors name. There are links from these search results to the actual articles

OLD EXTRACTED INDEX. The orginal indexes used are the 1981 Index of Old Series Vol I to XVI compiled by Joyce Cherry for the Society, the original index from each volume from 1901 to 1959, the index to The Transactions New Series Volumes LX-LXXXXIX compiled by Joyce and James Cherry, an Electronic Index for 1990-2005 and electronic copies of the individual volumes from 2006 to 2016. There are no direct links from these results to the articles on line, you will need to note the page numbers for the item and click on the contents link to go to the relevant contents page where you can find the appropriate article and the link to it. This original index included a large number of cross references, as these have no year they can confuse the search, so by default are left out, but you can include them by unticking the 'Exclude cross references' box in the search panel. Note : This index is not being updated after 2014.

FULL DOCUMENT CONTENTS INDEX. Susequent to scanning and optically character reading all the Transactions, it proved possible to extract a full text word version of each article. These have been indexed electronically and it is now possible to search all articles by word. This is the easiest full index to use as it will contain direct links to the articles.

It should be remembered that of these three databases only the TITLE AND AUTHORS database has been proof read and will be the most accurate. The other two databases will be subject to the errors that occur when optically character reading a document and the ORIGINAL INDEX is also subject to any transcription or editing errors when the index or the consolidated index was created.

Access is being given to both databases as it is quite likely that both will not contain the same errors and therefore provide backup for each other, if you do not find what you want in one, then try the other. Hopefully over time the FULL DOCUMENT CONTENTS INDEX can be proof read and become the definitive source.

Various buttons are provided in the search results and can be used as follows :

  • Green PDF To report an error via the contacts page to the Webmaster
  • Green PDF To access a scan of the original index paged used.
  • Green PDF To go to the contents page for the item found.
  • Green PDF Will take you directly to the PDF of the article. Green for smaller files.
  • Yellow PDF Will take you directly to the PDF of the article. Yellow for medium files.
  • Red PDF Will take you directly to the PDF of the article. Red for large files.
  • Abstract Button Will take you to an abstract of the article and is only shown if you are not logged in.

Note that the SCORE number listed next to the found entries in the CONTENT INDEX refers to how many times the search term has been found in that article. The higher the score the more likely the article is relevant to your search. Articles are returned sorted on the highest score first.

Please report any inaccuracies you find, whether these are transcription errors, OCR errors, missing PDF pages or any other item, this will help improve the accuracy of the database and help the current project to bring all copies of the transactions on line. This can be done by using the button links provided in the search results. It may however take some time for corrections to be made.

You can search by keyword or by date. But you must specify at least one parameter in order to return values. The date can be a specific date, or you can specify a date with a date range. If no date is specified then all volumes are searched.

Please note that the search is only an exact search so mis-spellings will not be located. Searches may take some time to complete, especially when broad searches are used. Please be patient.

Full copies of the Transactions are now available on line, however only logged in Members will have access to Transactions less than 10 years old. Check Help and Instructions for further details of how Members can log in.

Where possible the original indexes have been scanned and put on line here so they can be compared with the electronic index. Where they are available there will be a link from the found item to the relevant document.

Prior to 1901 there was not one volume each year so if specifying a year the search will return the year that volume was first published. You can see the list of volumes pre-1900 by CLICKING HERE